The Healing Power of Nature

10th May 2021

“Just being surrounded by bountiful nature, rejuvenates and inspires us”
EO Wilson

 Mental wellbeing has, arguably, never been so important or centre stage. Already burdened with the everyday stresses and pressures of modern life, the last 12 months has added another layer of fear and worry on all of us. Nature provides a wonderful tool to help calm and re-centre ourselves amid such uncertainty. Here are 5 practical everyday tips to leverage its power to give you a boost:

  1. Walk to Regenerate

Screen time has been exacerbated by the constant stream of video calls through working remotely, leaving us overwhelmed and drained. A walk in the local park can be the perfect antidote, alleviating anxiety and stress. Connecting with nature also increases our attention capacity and creativity making you both more positive and productive.

  1. The Magical Power of Trees

There are studies that show that trees emit invisible chemicals called phytoncides that have the potential to reduce stress hormones like cortisol, lower blood pressure and improve immunity – rather like aromatherapy. Walking or even staying overnight in a forest (if you’re brave!) can even exhibit changes in blood associated with protection against cancer, provide better immunity and lower blood pressure[1]. So, head to the forest for some super powered healing vibes.

  1. Bring the outside in

Flowers do so much more than just brighten a room. Research has shown they have a positive long-term effect on mood, providing an ideal antidote to stress, with the sweet smell relieving anxiety[2]. This is more reason to fill your home with fresh, fragrant blooms. For this season, peonies and hydrangea would provide a vibrant, uplifting combination.

[1] The healing power of nature 

[2] The emotional impact of flowers

  1. Al Fresco Exercising

Exercising outdoors lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, meaning it less strenuous than indoors. So, you can push your performance further and achieve more satisfaction. Sunshine provides vitamin D and lifts your spirits. And we all know that sleep is vital to positive wellbeing and fresh air alleviates insomnia. Get outdoors to really enrich your exercise experience.

  1. Connection

Enriching relationships is another fundamental human need. Why not combine this with the uplifting benefits of nature? Regular exercise with a friend, colleague or loved one boosts motivation and social connection, so doing this outdoors will enhance the benefits. Or even a sociable lunchtime stroll around the park will give you an instant mood booster.

Whether you do it a little or a lot, there is no doubt that getting out in nature provides a multitude of benefits to our mental wellbeing. Experiencing its healing, restorative power will re-centre us and give us a positive mindset to boost our day.