Create the ideal ambience around your home

4th May 2021

The power of perfume is intense. It can conjure up long-forgotten memories and lift your mood in an instant. Infusing our homes with the right fragrance can have the same effect as wearing an evocative perfume. With the appropriate scent, a room can be immediately transformed, bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity or exciting energy and vibrancy.

When styling your home, senses come into play. Some interior elements are very conscious, like colourways or furniture choices. Others are more subliminal and subtle. Like a textured cushion or well-placed vase. But be it appealing to touch, smell or sight, they are all layers that awaken the senses and combine to create the right ambience.

Certain fragrances suit different rooms. Each of our varied luxury candles were designed with this idea in mind. Here are our top tips for using scent to create your perfect ambience:

Tip 1: Personalised spaces in open-plan areas
If you have an open-plan home, scent can provide a clever method of constructing separate moods for each space. Think about how you want to feel in each area and use the appropriate fragrance. If you have an open plan living / kitchen area, a citrus blend with a culinary herb such as Bergamot & Coriander or Pomelo & Fresh Thyme would create a refreshing, clean and welcoming aroma for the kitchen section. If you then wanted to add a more relaxed atmosphere to a snug corner of the living area, you could infuse Fig & Peony. That would signify to your mind it is another part of the home where you will sit, relax and unwind.

Image by Jo Cartledge @oldrectonewoldrec

Tip 2: Colour your atmosphere with fragrance
Think of applying fragrance in your home in the same way you would use colour. Like statement wallpaper mixed with more subtle pastel paints to decorate your walls. Or adding a bold cushion or throw to punctuate a more neutral surround. Neroli Blossom with its floral freshness would work well in hallways or reception areas for welcoming guests. A dark, glamorous scent for the evening such as Smoked Amber & Suede with its warm leathery undertones would work perfectly for an atmospheric, convivial dinner party. Or you could even combine fragrances, adding some sweet relief to Smoked Amber’s richness with Fig & Peony. Both these fragrances share an earthy undertone, so the resulting blend is beautiful. Find your favourite combination and use it to colour your home, designing the right mood whatever the space or time of day.

Tip 3: Lighting is your secret weapon
Clever lighting is a simple and easy way to change how a room feels as well as being functional, ambient and decorative. Sitting candles next to objects in your home that you love is a great way to put them in the spotlight and enhance their aesthetic quality. Displaying varying candle heights makes a wonderful interior statement. Softer, flickering light on different levels also creates a relaxing environment ideal for a bathroom or bedroom. In terms of scent, we would suggest Neroli Blossom, its calming floral notes create an elegant ambience around these rooms.

We are all familiar with using perfume to make a personal style statement and to feel good. Home fragrance can work in exactly the same way around your home, creating enhanced spaces that complement your lifestyle and lift your mood.

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