The Importance of Self Love

We often feel guilty for taking “me time”. But taking time to travel inwards, to listen to your thoughts, your wants and needs, to take stock on how you’re feeling, is critical to your wellbeing. Why?

Our subconscious self is listening and digesting every thought. And it’s providing energy. Whether positive or negative, it reflects out into your life and the characters you have cast into it. 

The thoughts you hold onto grow and manifest, so taking time to pamper yourself and focus on what brings joy, is important for ensuring those thoughts are healthy ones. Not exhausted, resentful and self-critical. Because it is a self-fulfilling prophecy: how you treat yourself is how others will treat you. 

Self-care Rituals

These are acts of love. Love for yourself. And that love you cultivate shoots right back out to the world and the people in it.  Big or small, finding the right ones for you can have a potent effect on how you relate to the world.

I’m going to share with you some of the self-care rituals that work for me:

  1. Purifying Salt Baths

Your body is your temple: it holds your soul, your heart, and your mind. We should nourish it in the same way we nourish a loved one. Your skin is your largest organ, so looking after it aids your body’s protection. One tactic I use is salt baths. Salt is an energy cleanser. When you take a salt bath you draw out toxins and so soothe your skin – and soul.

  1. Magical Rosewater

Flowers are proven to raise the vibration around you, which promotes calm when you are tense, or invigorates when you're feeling lethargic. Roses are the highest vibrating flower of all. Rosewater to me has magical powers. Taking a rose petal bath is pure luxury after enjoying them in a vase at home. Spraying it on your face is extremely beneficial to the skin. 

  1. Pamper, your way

My favourite kind of pamper session is a spa day with friends. I recently went to the Bamford Wellness Spa in the Cotswolds* that was literally Heaven on Earth. It's a beautiful act, taking yourself to a spa and treating yourself like an absolute goddess. A guaranteed mood booster. 

If spas aren’t your thing, then treat yourself your way. Put your feet up with your favourite book, just reading Manifest by Roxie Nafusi @roxienafousi.  The only rule is – don’t feel guilty! You can only look after others around you when you feel looked after yourself.

  1. Time is precious, spend it wisely

Surround yourself with the ones who support you on your path and inspire you. Family, friendship, and laugher is so good for the soul.  Really consider who those people are who nourish you, who you leave feeling better than when you arrived. A coffee, a gym session, a walk in the park… Spend time on them to nourish yourself.

  1. Passion projects

What are the things you love doing? Work that out and make more time for them! Fragrance is my passion, of course. I’m always searching out new scents from different places I visit. Inspiration can happen at any time: food, clothes, flowers, someone I walk past in the street... My greatest pleasure of all is creating something tangible that’s passed on to others to enjoy.

  1. Retail Therapy 

I know materialism doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, but I can’t deny I get a little lift when I purchase a treat for myself. My view is that by offering myself something I want, I am affirming to the Universe: “Hello world! I am worthy! I deserve this nice thing that I've really, really been wanting!” The last thing I purchased was a beautiful antique wooden bowl which made me happy as I see it every morning in my kitchen. 

Self-love = self-worth

The only thing we can control is ourselves and to what we give our attention. Self-care is a method of unlocking calm and positivity into our everyday lives. It is not something to feel guilty about – it is fundamental to everyone’s wellbeing.