ROMAINE Provenance

ROMAINE was a natural choice when I was first developing my brand. Not only is it my maiden name, it originated in 7th century France, and means “Rome” in Italian. Both French and Italian influences infuse the brand, especially when handpicking the perfect fresh ingredients and perfumes to craft each scent.

Here are my top fragrance notes sourced from these inspirational countries, and tips on which notes work best together:


These ingredients lend Italian magic to my signature Bergamot & Coriander fragrance.

Bergamot Orange – Fruit with Punch

Bergamot’s fragrance is similar to sweet, light, citrus orange with a keen floral undertone. 80% of bergamot oranges are grown in the Calabria in the southern part of Italy. The oil is a cold-pressed for its essential oil, taken from the rind of the bergamot orange fruit.

Amalfi Lemons – Pure Italy

This type of lemon is huge and particularly zesty. They flourish in this Italian region due to the mountain protection, and the exposure to sea breezes and sun. The fragrance for my candles is extracted by distillation, which is the same process used in perfumery. That makes it really distinct and potent. It gives an uplifting energy to any fragrance blend.

Coriander – Surprisingly Aromatic

Although grown in Southern Europe, this fresh herb’s soft woody, peppery aroma blended with the citrus note so Bergamot and Almafi lemon adds a culinary base note to create this sublime fragrance.


France boasts the Fragrance Mecca, Grasse, where many of my perfume oils are sourced.

Jasmine – Soft & Floral

Top notes feature the smallest molecules, and therefore evaporate the fastest but are also the first notes you smell with fragrance. Jasmine is religiously grown in France and this soft, elegant aroma is extracted from the petals but a method called “enfleurage”. This sweet floral top note works really well with woody undertones, which is why it’s a key element within our Smoked Amber & Suede fragrance.  

Lavender – Aroma Alchemy

Also a popular fragrance grown in France, it works well with citrus notes and is used within our Pomelo & Fresh Thyme scent. Lavender is a middle top note, the fragrance is extracted by steam distillation which separates the oils from the lavender. Lavender exudes a feeling of calmness and wellbeing.

Tuberose – The Original Rose

These elegant roses are grown in Grasse. The sweet aroma takes me back to my childhood, and my grandmother also named Rose. This is a middle note featured within our Neroli Blossom fragrance, working beautifully to create a floral symphony.


If you’re thinking of blending your own bespoke scents, my top tips would be:

  • Citrus notes work well with a wood base or a soft floral note
  • A dark amber, woody note can create a masculine aroma
  • Florals are also gorgeous with citrus scents to give a sweet, balanced aroma

Watch out for more tutorials and tips on how best to craft incredible fragrances. It’s not always the most obvious blends that make the best aromas. Fragrances are as eviocative as they are refreshing and life affirming. Their power cannot be underrated.