Style your home with scent layering


The art of scent layering can help you uncover a bespoke scent that’s perfect for you. Ideal for fragrance lovers who want to experiment, it’s like creating your own personal style. You combine different design elements to assert an overall statement look. As you experiment with fragrances, you will find each layer brings a unique flourish and identity to each room or characterises different spaces within an open plan area.

Formulating the perfect blend

When originally designing our fragrances, it took a long time to intricately adapt note mixes to fine-tune the perfect blends. The 6-candle Collection aims to appeal to wide ranging tastes, with differing volumes of earthy, citrus, floral and aromatic perfume oils carefully establishing the right balance. The high-quality perfumes and specific wax blend create a magic formula of intense, long-lasting aroma.

Inside layering fragrances

By burning different perfume infused candles at the same time, you can create a completely new aroma to style your ambience. If your nose is more attracted to sharp, zesty notes, then combining candles that major on citrus would super-charge a refreshing atmosphere suited to you. For those with more of a sweet, flowery bias, a space can be made instantly exotic by introducing floral favourites.

It’s important to choose perfumes that complement each other. Here are some charming combinations:

  • Neroli Blossom + Bergamot & Coriander + Pomelo & Fresh Thyme = Refreshing Spring/Summer
  • Fig & Peony + Smoked Amber & Suede + Neroli Blossom = Earthy Masculinity/Flowery Femininity
  • Smoked Amber & Suede + Fig & Peony & Pomelo = Rich Darkness/Fresh Light
  • Bergamot & Coriander + Pomelo & Fresh Thyme + Mandarin, Cinnamon & Clove = Triple Citrus Hit

Our Miniature Collection is an ideal way to test many fragrances. Once you find your perfect combination, you can invest in the larger sizes.

Home styling using visual layers

Displaying different candle sizes creates a beautiful interior design statement. Whether you are styling your dining table or entrance table for welcoming guests or transforming your bathroom into a spa retreat, visual layering is a simple trick for an elegant aesthetic. We would recommend grouping candles in threes and adding one other element to provide contrast, such as a vase of flowers or a picture frame. Not only is the display pleasing on the eye, but the different aromas combine to infuse the ambience with your chosen personality, be it glamorous and rich or zesty and refreshing. A top tip is to light the strongest scent first for a few minutes before lighting the lighter scents

Everyone’s taste is different, be it interiors or fragrances or food and drink. That is the beauty of layering. You can experiment and find the ideal formula to suit your personality and preferences. We hope you have fun doing it – we would love to see the results!